After much anticipation, K-Pop idol boy group EXO finally made their comeback with “Sing For You”, one of the double title tracks off their new special winter album of the same name.

Featuring all 9 members of EXO, the music video of the song made its debut online as well.

EXO Sing For You Music Video


“Sing For You” isn’t the kind of joyful song that you’d expect to hear during Christmas. Accompanied with an acoustic guitar sound, the pop ballad track is about the “expressions of love that people often find embarrassing to confess”.

The accompanying black-and-white music video sees the members reminiscing about their past and regretting fighting with friends. The 50-hertz whale, which is described as “the world’s loneliest whale”, is featured in the music video as well. Some fans speculated that the whale represents the kind of loneliness that the EXO members are displaying in the video.

As for the astronaut concept, it was believed to be derived from the story of Michael Collins, an astronaut who spent 48 minutes in a spaceship after losing radio contact with Earth, Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin. In those moments, Collins was literally the loneliest man that ever lived.

EXO Sing For You 2

EXO’s latest album of the same name consists of 6 songs, including “Sing For You”, “Unfair, ”“Girl x Friend”, “On the Snow”, and “Lightsaber“. According to Soompi, “Girl x Friend” is a medium tempo R&B hip-hop track while “On the Snow” is a pop track. Paired with a keyboard, “Unfair” is a medium tempo pop song with a trendy and bright melody. Its lyrics are about the boys telling their feelings to the person they love in a witty manner.

As for “Lightsaber”, it is the same track that was released in promotion for the upcoming “Star Wars” movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“.

Check out the music videos for both Korean and Chinese version of “Sing For You” below:


EXO is holding a comeback showcase titled “EXO COMEBACK STAGE Sing for You” on today (10th December) at Lotte World. The showcase will be broadcast live through Naver‘s V App at 10pm KST. They will also start promoting “Sing For You” on 12th December on MBC’s “Music Core”, following by another performance at SBS‘s “Inkigayo” on 13th December.

For more information, visit EXO-M’s official Facebook page or EXO-K’s official Facebook page.

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