A new video of a student being bullied in school is now spreading like wildfire on social media.

This is the 2nd time that a bullying incident was reported via social media this month. Earlier last week, several primary school kids were seen bullying and humiliating another student in a 6-minute-and-29-second-long video that has gone viral on Facebook.

Source: The Star Online
Source: The Star Online

As for this 2-minute-and-51-second-long video, a student clad in a baju kurung can be seen beaten up by another 2 students.


The footage shows the victim being slapped by a girl who was dressed in sportswear and a tudung. Another girl went on and hit the victim in the face repeatedly. Her abdomen was kicked by one of the bullies and her head was seen hitting against a wall.

The bullies later dragged her around by pulling her hair until she fell to the ground. They also insulted her by calling her “bodoh” (stupid) before chasing her out of the class.

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Laughter could be heard in the background of the video as well. The other students that are seen in the video posed for the camera instead of helping the victim.

One of the students even said:

Suruh dia masuk, nanti nampak.(Ask her to come in, otherwise can see)

As of time of writing, the video that was uploaded by Warga Prihatin‘s Facebook page has been viewed over 40,558 times and shared more than 313 times. The video sparked angry reactions from the whole Internet community, most of which expressed their disappointment at the behaviours of the students.

But, what are your thoughts on the video? Let us know in the comment box below.


Source: The Star Online.

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