Oh no, we just got word that a landslide just occurred along Karak Highway.

The landslide, now blocking all lanes in both directions on the Karak Highway, occurred at KM52.4 at 7:18pm today following heavy rain.

The Star Online cited STAR Radio Media Group head of traffic Priscilla Patrick as saying, “It’s at KM52.2 at Bukit Tinggi. It’s the really watery kind of mud. So all lanes in all directions are currently being obstructed.”

The Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) has also been actively posting up updates via its Twitter account since 7pm:


All motorists from Kuala Lumpur have been directed to exit at Bentong while motorists from Kuala Lumpur were directed to exit at Genting Sempah. For now, traffic heading towards Kuala Lumpur is stuck in a 3km standstill, with a 1km crawl heading towards Bentong.

Priscilla Patrick added, “I just spoke to officials – there are some cars that are buried in this landslide, so it’s not looking good. It’s not going to clear up till midnight, I think it’s going to go on till morning.”

According to TRP, a Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department update also stated that there may be victims who were trapped at the scene of the incident.

“The officer in charge of operations has ordered the Selangor operations team to send a Selangor STORM (Special Tactical Operation & Rescue Malaysia) team to the location,” read the update.

UPDATE (11th November, 10:07pm):

The Star Online reported that motorists travelling between Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan will be diverted through Bahau due to the recent landslide at the Karak Highway.

Drivers coming from the east coast are advised to exit off at Gambang, head to Muadzam Shah, then head to Bahau, and come into Kuala Lumpur through Kuala Pilah. As for those who are coming from Kuala Lumpur, LLM tweeted that they can make a U-turn at KM29.3 of the highway. Drivers coming from Kuantan can exit the highway and take Jalan Bahau instead.

Bentong police confirmed a lot of trees have come crashing from that forest at Lentang, on the trunk roads and on this road as well,” Priscilla told The Star Online. “So the access between KL and the east coast and the Karak highway is a no go,” she added.

UPDATE (12th November, 1am):

According to LLM’s official media statement, clearing works are expected to wrap up by 10am today (Thursday, 12th November):

As at time of writing, no casualties have been reported.

UPDATE (12th November: 2:28pm):

According to the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department, the Karak Highway landslide was caused by an overflow of a water catchment area.

The Star Online cited the Department’s deputy director-general (operations) Datuk Soiman Jahid as saying that the heavy rain over the last few days had caused the catchment to overflow, picking up sediment and mud which became a landslide.

“The overflow also picked up garbage, logs and large rocks from the hill,” he told media, during a briefing at the site.


Soiman added that the Department had conducted a preliminary aerial inspection to assess the soil structure and water flow.

“I saw an area that had some logging, which appeared quite orderly,” he said. He said there was an area where the trees had been cleared, as well as more water in the catchment area.

“If it rains heavily again, there will be another overflow,” he warned.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department had instructed the Works Ministry and ANIH management to remove the rocks and logs spotted on the hilltop to reduce the damage, should another landslide occur.

As of 2pm, all lanes of the highway remain closed with clearing works at KM52.4 of Karak highway, primarily on the KL-bound lane.

More details to come. Meanwhile, we urge everyone to please take precautions and please be safe!

Sources: The Star Online (1), Malaysian Digest, LLM Twitter, TRP, The Star Online (2).

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