When it comes to the technology we use in 2015, the beloved sci-fi classic “Back to the Future Part II” managed to get a lot of things right.

One of the things that the film correctly predicted 26 years ago is the wearable virtual reality (VR) headset.

YouTube VR Video


Now, a virtual reality world is closer to reality than ever because YouTube has recently introduced 2 new virtual reality features to its Android app with the help of a Google Cardboard viewer.

First, YouTube announced that VR-supported videos are now available on its app. A VR video can create an even more immersive and awesome experience to see the world. The company further stated that it “gives you a sense of depth as you look around in every direction”.

YouTube VR Mode

Anyone can search for a VR video on YouTube to try out the feature.

As of time of writing, there is only a total of 13 VR-supported videos on YouTube. Thus, the company recommended trying out the feature with “The Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience” and “TOMS Shoes Giving Trip“. Avicii‘s “Waiting For Love“, which is a 360 degree spherical video, is now a VR-supported video as well.

All you have to do is just tap the “Cardboard” icon from the watch page menu and drop your phone into a Cardboard viewer. YouTube also recommended people to check out Jump, a new camera rig that enables people to create VR videos with GoPro cameras.

As for the 2nd feature, the company announced that its app now allows people to view any existing YouTube video with a Cardboard viewer.


Though the experience won’t be as immersive as those VR-supported videos, it allows people to watch videos for a virtual movie theatre experience.

YouTube Virtual Reality Video

Similar to the first feature, all you have to do is just select the new “Cardboard” option from the watch page menu and drop your phone into your viewer.

The VR videos are included in the playlist below:

For now, both updates are limited to YouTube’s Android app, which you can download from Google Play.

Google stated that the iOS update is on its way.

Sources: YouTube’s official blog, Mashable, TechRadar.

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