They may be new-ish names in the EDM scene but Showtek has actually been around for longer than you think 😉

Having first started out with techno and as one of the first few pioneers of good ol’ Dutch hardstyle, they’ve put out years and years of music that was certainly not for the weakhearted. They subsequently started dabbling with other EDM styles for their tunes, including progressive and electro house.

Showtek Interview 2015


In 2012, the Showtek brothers began a series of collaborations, a project called Crazy Collabs, with producers from some of the other genres in dance music. On their project, they hworked with Tiësto, Hardwell, Justin Prime, Bassjackers, Ookay, MAKJ, and hardstyle duo Noisecontrollers. It certainly paved the way for Showtek to becoming one of the biggest names of the EDM scene today.

And in a couple of weeks, Showtek is due to play at Asia’s largest festival at sea, this year’s “It’s The Ship”. We got to speak to the boys real quick before they set sail with the rest of the party crew.

Here’s what went down:

Hey guys! Thank you so much for taking time to do this for us. Where are you right now and what are you up to?

Not a problem! At the moment we’re really busy touring, and working on some new music.

You’ve been making music for so long now, and you show no signs of stopping as of yet. What keeps you guys inspired?

Well with our record label Skink we get to hear and see so many great young DJs. Maybe this sounds a bit corny but, their drive and energy can be a true inspiration. Next to that we get to travel the world, see many different places and get to meet people from all over the world. Which always gets us inspired.

Tell us about your label, “Skink”, and where you think or hope it will go in the coming years.


This month we celebrate Skink’s 2-year anniversary with our debut compilation album “Skinkalation”. On the album we mixed 11 songs that have been released on Skink. For the future we have a lot of projects coming up.. so stay tuned!

Showtek 2015

You’re also all set to play a massive gig on “It’s The Ship 2015”. How are you preparing for something like that, since it’s going to be your first time on “It’s The Ship”?

Haha sunscreen is most important when it comes to preparing we think! Furthermore we do the same as we always do. We’re really looking forward to this one. It’s going to be off the hook, it’s on a huge ship. It has got to be good.

That having said, we imagine that after a show..there’s all that adrenaline rush, do you usually unwind and just kind of “zen out” after a show?

We tour a lot, so our schedule usually doesn’t let us unwind.. but if we do we mostly chill with the team backstage and stay and watch some of our DJ friends play!

What has been some of the best moments of 2015 so far and what can we expect from Showtek in 2016?

Ah that’s a hard one, there have been so many highlights this year! Our residency at Omnia Las Vegas was quite special to us! And playing at Flying Dutch, a festival in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and our hometown Eindhoven was also a special one. It felt pretty good to be back again in our home country. In 2016, we’ll try to hit the studio a bit more for the rest you can expect a lot of new music.

Last one for the road: If Wouter and Sjoerd switched roles for a day/gig, what do you think would happen?

We think that’s not a good idea in any way! Complete chaos we guess haha.

Thanks Showtek for the quick chat. And special thanks to our friends from Livescape Asia for making this interview happen 🙂

Just to give you a gist of what to expect from their “It’s The Ship” gig, here:

Don’t forget! This year’s instalment of “It’s The Ship” will set sail come 20th November. For more information, go here.

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