This holiday season, Disney comes to life via Vans’ #DisneyandVans “Young at Heart Collection”.

Sharing a rich heritage rooted in Southern California and creative expression, both Vans and Disney are dedicated to those who are young at heart and never stop following their dreams.

Vans Disney


These iconic brands come together once again for the next installment of the “Young at Heart Collection”, this time featuring characters from the classic Disney animated films “Alice in Wonderland”, “101 Dalmatians”, and “The Jungle Book”.

Alice in Wonderland

First screened in 1951, “Alice in Wonderland” brought a young girl named Alice into the nonsensical, magical world of Wonderland.

The Rabbit Hole print takes inspiration from Alice’s escape from Wonderland, highlighting the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Mad Hatter, Dormouse, Queen of Hearts and her Playing Cards henchmen on the side panels of the Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue in adult sizing. Several of these characters make an additional appearance on the Wonderland print that recreates various, colorful moments from the movie across the Vans Classic Slip-On in women’s, kid’s and toddler’s size runs. The mischievous feline himself, Cheshire Cat, finishes off the footwear portion of the Alice in Wonderland series with a psychedelic, allover arrangement on the Vans Authentic available for adults, kids, and toddlers and a face print on the Vans Classic Slip-On made exclusively for kids and toddlers.

101 Dalmatians

Debuting in 1961, “101 Dalmatians” hit theatres over 50 years ago and charmed audiences across the nation with its cast of canine heroes.

Disney’s Dalmatians come together for special colorways of the Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue in white and Authentic in red. Within the pattern furry friends can be seen in playful poses and upon closer inspection, one can spot a dalmatian chewing on his favorite shoe, the Vans Classic Slip-On. Both styles are available in adult size runs while the Authentic will be taken down to kids and toddler sizing.

The Jungle Book


“The Jungle Book” became an animated film in 1967 and has taught generations about the “Bare Necessities” of life since its inception. The tale centers on the adventures of a young boy named Mowgli as he journeys through the jungle with his bear buddy, Baloo, and panther pal, Bagheera; and encounters villains Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger, and Kaa, the hungry python, in addition to the memorable orangutan King Louie.

All 5 characters are blended into a vintage Vans pattern to create a floral camouflage-style print for the Vans Classic Slip-On in adult sizing and Vans Authentic in adult, kids and toddler fits. “The Jungle Book” apparel includes a raglan, bucket hat, backpack and socks designed for men.

To celebrate the launch of the latest Disney products from Vans, Vans Surf’s Leila Hurst and Vans Skate Team riders Daniel Lutheran and Lizzie Armanto showcase various pieces in 2 Disney-inspired trailers.

Watch the canine-loaded Leila Hurst clip and psychedelic Dan Lu and Lizzie videos below:

The “Young at Heart Collection” comes to stores this December at all Vans boutiques and authorised dealers nationwide. Only the footwear collection is available locally and retails from RM159-RM329.

Join the Disney and Vans conversation on social media platforms by using the hashtag #DisneyandVans.

Visit their Facebook page or Instagram for up-to-date news on the collection release.

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