It ain’t going to be cheap for Malaysian motorists to get around Klang Valley anymore because according to The Star Online, toll rates for several major highways will increase from 15th October (Thursday) onwards.

And nope, this is no longer just a rumour.

Toll in Malaysia

Toll rates will go up between 20 sen and RM3 for more than 5 major highways including:

  • Kajang Traffic Dispersal Ring Road (SILK)
  • Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE)
  • Maju Expressway (MEX)
  • Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway (KLK)
  • KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (Latar)
  • SMART tunnel
  • New Pantai Expressway (NPE)
  • Besraya Highway
  • Lebuhraya Kajang Seremban (Lekas)
  • Guthrie Corridor Expressway (Guthrie)
  • Kemuning Shah Alam Expressway (LKSA)
  • Ampang Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (Akleh)

Silk Holdings Bhd announced that the new rate for cars at the SILK Highway is RM1.80. Motorists who drive vehicles with 2 axles and 5 or 6 wheels (except for buses) are expected to pay RM3.60.

Motorist who uses MEX is expected to pay RM2 and RM3.50 at the Salak South toll plaza and Putrajaya toll plaza respectively. Depending on where you’re coming from, motorists who use the KLK Highway will see an increase between 30 sen and RM3 too.

According to Malay daily BERNAMA, the SMART Tunnel will experience a RM1 increase from RM2 to RM3.

Toll Rates Malaysia

Motorists who use LATAR highway are expected to pay RM2.50 at the Ijok, Kuang Timur, Kuang Barat, Templer toll plaza and RM1.30 at the Kundang Timur, Kundang Barat toll plaza.

The KLK highway users are not exempted from the hike in toll rates too as they are required to pay RM6 at the Gombak toll plaza and RM3.50 at the Bentong toll plaza.

AKLEH’s Classic 1 rate is now RM2.50 while NPE’s Class 1 rate is RM2.30, a 70 sen increase from the previous rate. Besraya also has a new rate for Class 1’s passenger vehicles as motorists are now required to pay RM2 for both Mines’ north and south toll plazas.

Source: @jasa_rina Twitter
Source: @jasa_rina Twitter

As for LEKAS, the new toll rates for the Semenyih, Pajam, Mantin and Setul exits are RM1.30, RM3.40, RM4.80, and RM6 respectively.


The Grand Saga’s new toll rate is RM1.30 while the LDP toll rate is now RM2.10. Guthrie also experienced a hike in toll rate as it is now RM1.90. LKSA will be RM1.70 for the Sri Muda toll plaza and RM0.90 for the Alam Impian toll plaza.

The Star Online further revealed that “the hikes in BORR range from 10sen to 90sen while the hikes in the Senai-Desaru Expressway are between RM0.40 to RM 4.70”.

Heavy sighs all around 🙁 Will you too be badly hit by the increase in toll rates?

Sources: The Star Online, The Rakyat Post, The Malaysian Insider.

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