Disney aka the Mouse House is not only trying to rule the cinematic world with its Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but also through its live-action fairy tales and animated films.

At the New York Comic-Con, Disney announced the release dates for a total of 19 movies through 2020.



According to Variety, Disney Pixar’s “The Incredibles 2” is finally confirmed to be released on 21st June 2019.

Tomorrowland” director Brad Bird is returning to direct the sequel. When this movie hit theatres in 2019, it will mark 15 years since the release of the original classic.

Plot details are scarce, but Bird has given a status update on “The Incredibles 2” last month.

He said:

I have the story arc. I’m probably 3-quarters through the script, first pass through the script, but we’re already boarding parts of it. I’ve got a lot of people that worked on the first one working on it, so we’re all having a good time with it.

The original cast members are expected to return to voice their respective characters, but there’s no confirmation yet. While it’s not verified, Samuel L. Jackson previously said in an interview with Digital Spy that his character Frozone will be part of the movie.

He said, “Every time I run into Brad, he always tells me Frozone is part of what’s going on, so I have to believe that.

The Incredibles 2


The release date for the 3rd “Cars” film has also been announced. According to Disney, it will hit the theatres on 16th June 2017, taking over the former release date of “Toy Story 4”. Thus, the 4th “Toy Story” film will now open on 15th June 2018.

Gigantic, the new “Jack and the Beanstalk” movie, will be released on 9th March 2018. Another 2 untitled animated films are slotted for release on 21st November 2018 and 25th November 2020.

Undated animated features we know to be in development at Disney include “Frozen 2” and “Wreck-It Ralph 2”.

"FROZEN" (Pictured) ELSA. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Disney currently also has a plethora of live-action fairy tales in multiple stages of development, which include:

As confirmed by the studio today, 4 of the live-action fairy tales will be released on 22nd December 2017, 2nd November 2018, 29th March 2019, and 8th November 2019. However, the studio did not announce the titles of these films yet.

The studio is also planning to develop the sequel of “Enchanted” and the live-action remake of “Mary Poppins“, but the release dates are unconfirmed.

The newly-announced movie slate is as follows:

  • Coco – 22nd November 2017
  • Untitled live action fairy tale – 22nd December 2017
  • Gigantic – 9th March 2018
  • Toy Story 4 – 15th June 2018
  • Untitled live action fairy tale – 2nd November 2018
  • Untitled live action fairy tale – 29th March 2019
  • Untitled Disneytoon –  12th April 2019
  • The Incredibles 2 (Pixar Animation) – 12th June 2019
  • Untitled live action fairy tale – 8th November 2019
  • Untitled Pixar animated film – 13th March 2020 
  • Untitled Pixar animated film – 19th June 2020
  • Untitled Disney Animation – 25th November 2020

So, which Disney movie are you looking forward to watch? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Sources: Variety, /FILM/, Disney.

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