Ever since we reported that Junsu of South Korean pop trio JYJ would be making a solo comeback this month, fans have been holding their breaths (not literally, of course) in anticipation of the new album release.

After weeks long of anticipation, JYJ’s talent agency C-JeS Entertainment has finally revealed the title track of Junsu’s new album.

Source: JYJ's official Facebook page.
Source: JYJ’s official Facebook page.

In a press statement released today (6th October), the talent agency said:


The main song for Junsu’s new mini album on 19th October will be “Definitely Yesterday,” which has lyrical melody and beautiful lyrics, along with Junsu’s emotionally charged voice.

The song is bound to warm fans’ hearts as the agency added, “This will be the song to listen to, if you want to feel the autumn.”

JYJ Kim Junsu

“Definitely Yesterday” was composed and written by famous singer-songwriter Kim Kyu Sun aka Lucia.

This is the first time that Junsu and Lucia are working together and fans are looking forward to his new album as Lucia is known for her heartwarming lyrics in songs like “Will You Love Me for Just One Season, Like a Flower?”, “Cactus”, and “Whatever Day, Whatever Words”.

Regarding their collaboration, a related official said:

The chemistry between Junsu and Kim Kyu Sun was fantastic. I believe that this will be the song to listen to this fall.

Meanwhile, Junsu’s fellow groupmates Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun are currently serving in the army.


UPDATE (7th October, 8:48am):

According to AKP, a total of 8 songs will be included in Junsu’s upcoming solo min-album, with 3 of them being the acoustic versions of his previous songs.

The album features tracks of several different genres, including ballad, electronic dance, acoustic, and urban R&B.

The full track list is as follows:

  1. “Had To Be Yesterday”
  2. “OeO”
  3. “Midnight”
  4. “Rabbit and Turtle”
  5. “Silk Road”
  6. “Tarantallegra” (acoustic version)
  7. “Incredible” (acoustic version)
  8. “Flower” (acoustic version)

The pre-order for his album begins on 7th October.

Stay tuned to JYJ’s official Facebook page for more updates 😉

Source: Soompi.

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