The Uber fiasco isn’t coming to an end anytime soon, it seems. The authorities have been trying to clamp down on the so-called “illegal service” for more than a year and now, they’ve even found a new and more “effective” way to do so.

By using the Uber app.

Uber Malaysia Illegal Service


According to a report by TMI, citing theSun, the transport authority will be using the mobile phone app to trace private car owners who use their vehicles for the service and blocking renewal of their road tax.

theSun also quoted a government source as saying:

For example, after a certain private car has been identified from the digital log in the Uber app alongside solid evidence of video and photo of their operations, the authority will then send out a notice to the car owner to attend an “interview” with the SPAD enforcement division.

The notice under the Section 225 of the Land Public Transport Act 2010 requires car owners or drivers to assist in investigations of the alleged offence under Section 16 of the Act.

“They are also required to bring along the alleged cars for inspection,” he said, adding that the cars may be subjected to seizure and confiscation for violating the Act.

Person using the Uber app

A senior SPAD official confirmed the latest approach, adding that they will also apply this method for GrabCar soon. To date, SPAD has impounded 145 private cars, including 44 Uber and 97 GrabCar vehicles, since October last year for offering illegal taxi services.

Sources: TMI, theSun.

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