Korean entertainment powerhouse SM Entertainment is not done promoting its girl groups yet, despite having recently let Red Velvet make a comeback with a new album titled “The Red”.

f(x), one of SM’s top idol girl groups, is currently gearing up for their impending comeback next month (October).

f(x) Baskin Robbins


According to Soompi, citing a music industry source, members of f(x) are currently finalising details of their comeback schedule. They will now promote as a 4-member group because Sulli decided to leave the group to pursue her acting career.

It would mark their 4th album as a group, but their 1st album that does not feature Sulli. The group’s comeback will mark the end of SM Entertainment’s plans for its girl groups to make their comebacks with new albums consecutively.

fx Sulli

The last album that f(x) released was “Red Light“, their 3rd album, in July 2014. We have no idea what their 4th album will be named and how many songs will be included in it, but just like their fans, we are excited to find out what they might have in store.

As they are known for their energetic electronic and psychedelic music, we do wonder if they will have a different approach to their new album. Besides, it’ll be exciting to see what kind of comeback concept they will pull off for their 4th album too.

So, what do you think their comeback concept will look like? Do you think their new album will consist of their self-written or self-composed tracks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Soompi.

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