Dance music maestro Hardwell will kick off his brand new documentary “I AM Hardwell – Living The Dream” during the world renowned Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

Directed by Robin Piree, who also made the documentary “I AM Hardwell” in 2013, this film follows the #1 DJ in the World during his “I AM Hardwell” concert tour visiting 34 cities around the globe.

I AM Hardwell Living The Dream


Even more than the previous documentary, “I AM Hardwell – Living the dream” will let you experience the music – starting with the 27-year-old Robbert van de Corput, working on new musical ideas in his studio, followed by the mass hysteria in Delhi and unprecedented footage of the “I AM Hardwell” concert shows where tens of thousands of people worldwide shared the music, passion, and energy of what a Hardwell show is all about. It’s a gateway into the life of a musical pioneer on the road to accessing the peak of his artistic powers.

On the documentary, Hardwell said:

I am thrilled with the result. My life has been one huge roller-coaster ride since I was chosen as #1 DJ in the world back in 2013. The expectations kept on getting higher so I had the feeling I had to keep on raising the bar. “I AM Hardwell – Living the dream” will show you that not only my music but also the concert tour has had a huge development in the past few years. I am beyond proud of the team who made this possible and of all people who did just about anything for me during this journey we have shared together.

On another note, now adding to his musical output, the global electronic star will also release a brand new Hardwell remix-album on 13th November on his famed Revealed Recordings. The album titled “United We Are – The Remixes” features remixes from Hardwell’s original studio album “United We Are“, which was released at the beginning of 2015. The names of the DJ’s/ Producers who contributed to the “United We Are – The Remixes” will be announced soon!

Meanwhile, check out the official trailer for Hardwell’s “I AM Hardwell – Living the dream” documentary below:

Hardwell‘s “I AM Hardwell – Living the dream” will premiere on 13th October 2015 at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2015 and see a general release on 15th December 2015.

For more information, visit Hardwell’s website or Facebook page.

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