Grammy-nominated artiste Armin van Buuren creates a huge stir whenever he releases a new track, song, remix, DJ-mix, compilation, or, in the case of his last critically acclaimed LP, a full-length studio album.

Electronic dance music fans and mainstream music-lovers alike gravitated to Armin’s last album, “Intense”, which included the Grammy-nominated single, “This Is What It Feels Like” featuring Trevor Guthrie. And now, another Armin van Buuren album is ready for take-off.


Armin is now thrilled to announce his 6th and latest full-length studio album, “Embrace” to be released on 29th October. The graphic design and iconography for “Embrace” were created by renowned photographer, film and music video director, Anton Corbijn.

Upon the announcement, Armin van Buuren said:

“After “76”, “Shivers”, “Imagine”, “Mirage”, and “Intense”, I went for another album title that consist of only one word: “Embrace”! The idea was to “Embrace” several different instruments and sounds, and incorporate them into my sound. I hope my fans will “Embrace” this new chapter in my life. I loved working with Anton on the cover for the album. It is nothing short of an honor, and I’m really glad to see how well it turned out.

When Armin van Buuren puts his energy into a full studio album, a world tour, a music video or a nightclub performance, he attracts the most accomplished, like-minded professionals in the creative space.

For Armin, an album is a full-body experience and a total work of art. With “Embrace”, Armin aims to shatter his previous artistic boundaries and push himself ever higher.

Armin van Buuren Embrace

The first single from “Embrace” is “Another You” featuring the vocals of multi-platinum recording artiste, Mr. Probz. To date, “Another You” has surpassed 40 million streams and the single continues to gain momentum on radio and television across the world.

The official music video has been watched more than 5 million times on YouTube:

A staple for hungry club and festival-goers all during the summer of 2015, “Another You” is the radio-friendly song that consistently elicits thrilled reactions. With an attention-seizing strummed intro and the unmistakable vocals of Dutch singer/songwriter/rapper Mr. Probz, “Another You” has audiences gleefully singing-alone every time Armin – or another DJ – hits “play” on the song.

Armin van Buuren’s “Embrace” studio album will be released on 29th October 2015. Pre-order the CD here.

For more information, visit Armin van Buuren’s website or Facebook page.

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