Can’t say that we ever, ever saw this coming!

A couple of hours ago, Chris Brown “dropped” an unexpected surprise on his personal Instagram account which involved a special appearance by none other than 7-member K-Pop idol boy group, GOT7.

The now all too famous American R&B artiste posted a picture of GOT7 member along with the caption, “Showing love”.



Of course, as soon as it went up, fans just about completely lost it. Does this mean that Chris Brown is not-so-secretly a GOT7 fan too?

Not quite. Chances are that he only posted the picture because the GOT7 members were posing in front of Chris Brown’s graffiti. But hey, who knows? Perhaps he’s well on his way to becoming a GOT7 fan too!

GOT7 boys Mark and Yugyeom have since reposted Chris Brown’s Instagram picture on their own accounts. Due to sheer excitement too, we suppose 😉



Source: akp / Featured image from Chris Brown’s Instagram.

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