It has been one year since Ladies’ Code (레이디스 코드) member EunB passed away in a tragic car accident. Her fellow member and best friend RiSe died a few days later on 7th September due to injuries sustained from the accident.

As a moving tribute to the 2 young idols, the remaining Ladies’ Code members (Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung) made a special appearance at RiSe and EunB‘s Memorial Concert on 22nd August in Tokyo, Japan.

Ladies Code I'm Fine Thank You


The concert was organised to fulfil RiSe’s wish of hosting an independent concert in Japan one day.

On 3rd September, the group’s agency, Polaris Entertainment, released a remake of Ladies’ Code song, “I’m Fine Thank You”. First released in 2013 via Ladies’ Code’s 2nd mini album, the track quickly rose to the top of the South Korean music charts after Ladies’ Code’s accident last year.

Ladies Code I'm Fine Thank You Remake

The remake features Ladies’ Code member Sojung as well as Polaris artistes Kim Bum Soo, Ivy, Yang Dong Geun, Han Hee Jun, Rumble Fish, and Sun Woo.

Listen to the song via the official “I’m Fine Thank You” remake’s music video below:

Rest in peace, RiSe and EunB.

For more information, visit Ladies’ Code’s Facebook page.

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