Monkey Shoulder, a game-changing blended malt whisky from Scotland was launched last Friday (21st August) at Slate @ The Row, signaling the brand’s entrance into the Malaysia market.

In true mischief form, Monkey Shoulder tore down time-established barriers and paved the way for a new generation of drinkers to appreciate whisky.



Leading the troop of mischief makers was Zachary Connor de Git, Monkey Shoulder Regional Brand Ambassador, who led guests in a pledge to be free of protocols and let fun rule the night.

Guests at the launch left with a new-found appreciation for Scotch whisky – one without the limitations of stuffy rules and treasured traditions that are usually associated with whisky appreciation.


A unique combination of 3 Speyside Single Malts, Monkey Shoulder was launched by renowned independent, family-owned distillers William Grant & Sons. Distilled, matured and bottled in Dufftown, Speyside, the name Monkey Shoulder is a nod to its heritage – years ago, distillery workers would shovel tonnes of malting barley by hand, hour after hour.

This hard work sometimes caused a sore shoulder and their arm to hang down, a bit like a chimpanzee. The men called this temporary affliction “monkey shoulder” and the Scotch is named in their honour.


Despite having a name that pays an affectionate tribute to all hardworking maltmen, Monkey Shoulder doesn’t take itself too seriously. Unlike common whisky tasting events, guests chose their favourite flavours from a wide variety of fresh fruits and ingredients displayed at the Monkey Garden.

Their chosen ingredients were then fashioned into personalised Monkey Shoulder cocktails, reinstating the “have-it-your-way” approach that comes when enjoying Monkey Shoulder.



This laidback attitude of Monkey Shoulder was echoed throughout the launch, where guests had the chance to put their skills to the test at the Monkey Shoulder ring toss, shot hoops and tried their hands at old arcade favourites.

The event also featured a giant inflatable popcorn pool, where guests could relax in and watch re-runs of their favourite cartoons. A playful take on the malted barley floors at the distillery, the popcorn pool further highlights Monkey Shoulder’s cheeky disposition and its endless pursuit for irreverent fun.

Monkey Shoulder is a free-spirited, fun-loving blended malt with an easygoing smooth, rich and mellow vanilla deliciousness that means it can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, mixed or in cocktails. Scotch snobs say you shouldn’t drink whisky with ice or mix it with cocktails, but there are no old-fashioned rules when it comes to enjoying Monkey Shoulder.

That’s why bartenders love Monkey Shoulder – this is a sociable Scotch that loves to mingle and won’t be left gathering dust on the top shelf of the bar like traditional malts that can only be served by the dram.

For more pictures from the full-of-mischief Monkey Shoulder launch in Malaysia, check out the gallery below:

Monkey Shoulder is bottled at 40% ABV and priced on average of RM280 per bottle.

It is now available at major hypermarkets and selected cocktail specialty bars such as Omakase + Appreciate, Souled Out, W.I.P, HYDE at 53M, Healy Mac’s Irish Bar & Restaurant, Splash.

For more information, visit its official website.

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