Seo Ji Soo from Woollim Entertainment’s rookie girl group Lovelyz was embroiled in a controversy before she could even debut with her group members.

As a result, Lovelyz debuted without Ji Soo as she was temporarily withdrawn from the group and was admitted to the hospital to receive medical treatment for mental shock.

Seo Ji Soo
Seo Ji Soo

After Ji Soo and her agency submitted evidence at the Seoul Mapo Police Station, 2 individuals who spread the malicious rumours were finally arrested in May 2015 for the summary offense of defamation and slander. They were charged with a fine as well while Ji Soo has slowly regained her mental stability.


In the past few months, Ji Soo was spotted with the rest of the group members, sparking rumours that she will soon be making a return. At that time, Woollim Entertainment only responded by stating that “nothing has been determined” yet.

However, the agency has recently released a new teaser image via Lovelyz’s official Facebook page and a total of 8 girls can be seen in the picture. The faces of the girls are not visible, but this could only mean one thing – Seo Ji Soo is back!

For the first time ever, Lovelyz will finally return to the Korea music scene with Ji Soo. The comeback will mark Ji Soo’s debut as a girl group member too. The group’s upcoming album is titled “Lovelyz8” as this will be their first time promoting as an 8-member girl group with a new album.

Are you excited about Lovelyz’s comeback with Ji Soo? Do you think she’s going to wow us with her vocals? Let us know in the comments box below.

Source: Soompi.

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