“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Ian Mclaren.

It’s time to spare some kindness, Malaysians.

A man, only identified as Uncle David, may have a hard life but he has recently caught the attention of thousands of Malaysians. In fact, his pictures are being shared rampantly across social media platforms – and for all the right reasons.


According to Malaysian Digest, it all started when Facebook user Sai Banu D mentioned Uncle David in her post.

Source: Malaysian Digest
Source: Malaysian Digest

She shared the incident where her daughter spotted Uncle David carrying a bunch of soft toys and walking under the scorching sun. Her daughter felt sorry for the man and urged her to buy something for him. Sai Banu D obliged and then struck up a conversation with Uncle David as she asked, “Uncle, you been doing this for long?”

To which he replied with his touching yet heartbreaking story:

Yes, I use this money to support my son’s education and also chemo treatment. My son scored 9 A’s in SPM and now he is doing A levels in HELP.

He added, “I’m earning money from a good way and that’s why God is sending people like your daughter to buy from me.”

We know, right? It brings tears to our eyes too.

This also prompted other Facebook users to post up everything they know about the smiley uncle. Like this one from a lady by the name of Shalin MN, who shed more light on Uncle David’s story:

Source: Shalin MN's Facebook profile
Source: Shalin MN’s Facebook profile

The above post has also been shared by scores of Malaysian Facebook users. As seen in the comments, many have praised Uncle David while others are asking for more details on his whereabouts as they, too, want to contribute and help him.


It even garnered reactions from Facebook users from as far as Penang, who want to purchase soft toys in bulk from Uncle David to donate to orphanages, as well as positive comments from our fellow neighbours in Singapore.

According to Shalin MN, Uncle David sells soft toys at about RM10 – RM12 per piece.

Would you like to help Uncle David out too? He can usually be found sitting by HSBC Bank in Damansara Uptown in Petaling Jaya. Alternatively, you could also try searching for him near dal.komm Coffee, Starbucks, or Sate Kajang in the same area (Damansara Uptown).

A little kindness goes a long way 🙂

Source: Malaysian Digest / Featured image from Shalin MN.

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