A new animated theatrical feature film is currently being developed, with John H. Williams, the producer of “Shrek”, attached to produce.

Titled “Charming”, this upcoming animated comedy will put a refreshing take on the classic fairy tales and it will feature some of the biggest pop stars as the princesses that we’ve come to know. After announcing that Demi Lovato will voice Lenore the female lead, 3QU Media announced that Avril Lavigne, Ashley Tisdale, and Chinese singing star G.E.M. (aka Gloria Tang Tsz-kei) have signed on to voice their respective roles as Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

Charming Animated Comedy Cast - Avril Lavigne - G.E.M. - Ashley Tisdale
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Ross, Venokur, who recently directed a CG-animated film titled “Animal Crackerz” (or “Get Squirrely”), is helming the film based on his original script. The film reinvents the stories of 3 familiar princesses – Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty – in an unfamiliar plot twist of all being engaged to Prince Charming.


The full description of the plot is as follows:

Charming is an irreverent animated comedy about a young Prince with an irresistible appeal and one kick-ass maiden who wants him only for his money. Cursed as a child, Prince Philip Charming compulsively proposes to every woman he encounters, leaving a trail of lovesick ladies and scorned lovers to wreak vengeful havoc on the Kingdom. Ultimately, Prince Philip’s exasperated father, King Charming, gives the young Prince an ultimatum… Find a true, true-love before his 21st Birthday or lose all claim to the throne.

Demi’s involvement in the musical comedy was announced back in February, but at that time, further details regarding her co-stars were kept under wraps.

Source: Demi Lovato's official Facebook page
Source: Demi Lovato’s official Facebook page

Regarding the casting of the princesses, Williams, who also produced “Valiant and Space Chimps”, said in a statement on Wednesday, “Demi, Avril, Ashley, and G.E.M. are among the most popular young stars in the global entertainment arena.”

It is unclear who will play the Prince Charming, but the movie’s producers said it will be shortly revealed.

Soon after the announcement was made, Avril took to Instagram to share the good news:




“Charming” is a 3QU Media Production of a Vanguard Animation film in connection with WVE. SC Films International is handling the foreign sales while Demi is executive producing the film’s score. Production is underway at Cinesite’s animation studio in Montreal.

The film is expected to hit theatres in Spring 2016.

For more information, visit the movie’s official Facebook page and Twitter.

Source: THR.

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