On 5th August, Chinese reports surfaced claiming that Song Seung Hun (of “Autumn in My Heart” fame) and Chinese actress Liu Yifei aka Crystal Liu are dating. The alleged couple previously co-starred as lovers in the film, “Third Love”. So you can imagine the excitement in the air when the news first broke!

The reports revealed photos of the couple together, you know, doing average couple-y things like traveling in a car together. But there were also shots of the couple visiting the actress’ home as well as the actress with her family members, indicating that Song Seung Hun had already met her parents:

The pair are 11 years apart in age as Song Seung Hun is 39 years old while Liu Yifei is 28 years old.


Upon word about their relationship, Seung Hun’s agency confirmed the rumours after checking with the actor. They stated, “After finishing filming they were unable to see each other often, but they kept in touch and started their relationship. Please look after them positively.” but also added that it’s untrue that they have met each other’s parents as they’ve not spoken about marriage yet.

Well, marriage or not, we’re happy for their new beginning!

Song Seung Hun Liu Yifei

Here’s to wishing the gorgeous couple all the happiness in the world 🙂

Source: Soompi.

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