Guess who finally “tied the knot” with their one true love – music? That’s right, it’s SHINee!

The 5-member boy group finally made their way back to the Korean music scene with “Married to the Music”, the repackaged album version of their 4th full-length Korean album titled “Odd’.

SHINee Married To The Music


On 3rd August (Monday), Korean entertainment powerhouse SM Entertainment released the official music video for “Married to the Music”, the title track off the album of the same name.

Unlike “View“, the new single sees the boys grooving to the 80s synth-y funk jam after drinking some weird-coloured beverage that made them hallucinate. While hallucinating, they find themselves hanging out with a group of people at an indoor Halloween-themed party.

Just when we thought that this could be just another normal K-Pop music video, the boys took us by surprise by featuring some scenes that looked like they came out of a bizarre horror movie. Not only were there flying heads floating in the room, the members can also be seen sneezing out confetti in the surreal settings.

As the video interplayed between their choreographed dance routine and the story, the overall music video is just entirely entertaining to watch.

The repackaged album will feature 11 songs from “Odd”, as well as 4 new songs namely “Chocolate”, “Savior”, “Hold You”, and “Married to the Music”.

They will hold their first comeback stage for “Married to the Music” on 7th August on KBS’ “Music Bank”.

For more information, visit SM Entertainment’s Facebook page or SHINee’s Facebook page.

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