Foo Fighters doesn’t need to prove to you that they’re the greatest rock band ever, their fans will prove it to you instead! Their Italian fans, to be exact.

A total of 1,000 diehard fans from all over the Italy recently came together in the northern city of Cesena to perform Foo Fighters’ hit single “Learn to Fly” all at once in an astonishing effort to coax the band to play in their town.

Foo Fighters


The project, which is known as the “Rockin1000”, was created in 2014 by Fabio Zaffagnini, a Foo Fighters enthusiast.

On the official website, it’s stated that the project was conceived in the first place because the band has been playing in Romagna since 1997:

The Foo Fighters are not in Romagna since 1997, it’s time to get them back, but we need a crazy idea. We have to organize something that kicks ass worldwide and can be seen by Dave Grohl: We will ask one thousand rockers to play one of their songs, all together and at the same time.

Creating the video certainly wasn’t easy as the event creator had to gather musicians through extensive auditions, do plenty of rehearsals, and basically have everything planned and under control. After spending more than a year putting this together, the video was finally published on YouTube and it saw 1,000 singers, guitarists, bassists, and drummers coming together for the performance.

Watch the incredible video below:

In the video, Zaffagnini made a plea to the band.

He explained:


Italy is a country where dreams cannot easily come true, but it’s a land of passion and creativity. What we did here is a huge, huge miracle…One thousand rockers that came from all over the nation at their own expense, and they just did one song — your song. We ask you, the Foo Fighters, to come play for us.

One can only conclude that the band could be planning to do a Cesena show soon, as they’ve responded to their effort by sharing the video with the following caption: “Che bello, Cesena” (translation: “How beautiful, Cesena”).

The US rockers are currently scheduled to perform in Casalecchio Di Reno, Italy, on 13th November. The town is only about an hour away from Cesena.

Source: Billboard.

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