B2ST/BEAST ain’t so ordinary after all, as the members showcased their cool charisma through the music video for “YeY”, the latest single from their upcoming 8th mini album titled “Ordinary”.

The 6-member boy group finally made their long-awaited comeback today (27th July) with the release of “Ordinary”. Prior to the comeback, their talent agency Cube Entertainment offered fans a glimpse at the “YeY” music video through a series of teaser photos and a teaser video.

Check out the photos in the gallery below:


The release of their new album marks their first comeback in about 10 months as they have been focusing on their respective solo careers during their hiatus. However, according to a representative of Cube Entertainment, most of the songs in their new album was produced by rapper Yong Junhyung. The rest of the members actively participated in brainstorming various ideas for the album as well.

As a result, the music video for “YeY” sees the boys showing off their respective charms with their synchornised and explosive dance moves. The boys also showed a different side of themselves as they can be seen partying hard with some girls in the music video. The dance track was designed to be so catchy so that it would make fans want to get up and dance along to it.

Check out the energetic music video of “YeY” below:

We don’t know for sure, but it seems like the boys might be making their way to Malaysia for a concert soon. How did we know?

Well, IME Productions, who recently organised BIGBANG‘s “MADE” World Tour in Malaysia, hinted that they will be holding another K-Pop concert. The picture that they posted bears a striking resemblance to the teaser photo that was first released by Cube Entertainment:

What do you think?

For more information, visit BEAST’s official Facebook page. Stay tuned to IME Productions’ official Facebook page for more concert announcements as well.

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