After 3 years, BIGBANG will be back in Malaysia as part of their “2015 World Tour (MADE) in Malaysia”!

After the tickets sold out during the ticket launch in Wuhan, China and also for the 25th July 2015 show in Malaysia, organiser IME Productions announced an additional show on 24th July 2015.



One of the highlights of the production is the transparent floating catwalk stage with the lightning system, fireworks, and the stage effects that definitely will hype up the excitement for the audience. The concert will cost RM1 million to produce, which is the highest among all concerts in Malaysia this year yet. Other than hardware production, the band and production crew (about 100 people) will be flying in from South Korea as well as the US for the concert.

As for what Malaysian VIPs can expect, well, other than a guaranteed smashing time, BIGBANG will be performing 6 songs from their new (MADE) series album.


On top of that, IME Productions has also prepared 2 more surprises:

1. “Soundcheck Party”

Rockzone A, B, and VIP CAT 1 ticket purchasers will automatically be entitled to join the lucky draw session to win Soundcheck Party passes, which will allow them to watch the concert rehearsal. The winners will be drawn from the ticketing system according to the tickets’ barcodes.

2. “Send Off” event

All Rockzone A, B, and VIP CAT 1 ticket purchasers will have the golden opportunity to join the “Send Off” event where they will be allowed to meet and send off the members backstage after the concert. The winners will also be selected via lucky draw from the ticketing system according to the tickets’ barcodes.


*There will be lucky draws for both days but winners will have to attend the surprise events according to the date on their ticket. For example, 24th July ticket holders will stand a chance at winning “Soundcheck Party” and “Send Off” event passes, same goes to 25th July ticket holders.

BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR [MADE] IN MALAYSIA is supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture together with Official Telco Hotlink.

For more information, visit IME Productions’ Facebook page.

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