British DJ and vocalist Christina Novelli has been involved in a serious car accident.

Known for lending her amazing vocals to DJ/producer Gareth Emery for his 2012 hit, “Concrete Angel”, Christina Novelli is also a singer-songwriter as well as a DJ.

Yesterday, her management updated her social media platforms to say that she was involved in a very serious car accident. The first tweet stated that “she is alive and on her way to the hospital”, and her management urged fans to keep her in their thoughts.


I don’t know about you but personally, I felt my heart sank. No, not Christina 🙁

Fortunately, another somber update followed shortly after, which confirmed that Christina “has been given the all clear other than severe internal bruising which doctors have described as miraculous”. Her management also shared the cause of the accident – a lorry ran the car she was in off the road and her vehicle flipped several times.

Her seat belt saved her life.

Thank heavens! Perhaps the angels are looking over this “Concrete Angel”, eh?

Get well soon, Christina <3

Source: Christina Novelli’s Twitter.

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