Wow, Chris Pratt sure is popular. It hasn’t been a week since “Jurassic World” was released in cinemas, but Pratt already got an additional movie lined up for him.

Sony Pictures recently greenlit “Passengers”, a sci-fi movie which will star Pratt and fellow A-lister Jennifer Lawrence. Not much details have been revealed about the production, but it was reported that Morten Tyldum (famed for “The Imitation Game“) will be directing the feature.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

“Passengers” has also reportedly been given a budget of $120 million (after tax incentives), which is inclusive of Pratt’s pay that was bumped from $10 million to $12 million. Lawrence will be getting a huger slice of the cake, as she will be paid $20 million first, and if the movie does well and breaks even, she will gain an additional 30% from the film’s total profit.


The script for “Passengers” was written by Jon Spaihts a few years back, but it has remained in the back burner despite garnering a lot of attention people in the film industry. Hopes for the movie were revived when Keanu Reeves agreed to star and produce in it, with A-listers such as Reese Witherspoon and Rachel McAdams rumoured to star as the 2nd lead role. However, the effort petered out and nothing came out of it. The script was eventually commissioned, though it was later developed into the first draft of what came to be known as “Prometheus“.

Source: Nature Blog
Jon Spaihts. Source: Nature Blog

“Passengers”, which will begin filming in September 2015, is about a man (who will be played by Pratt) who is “among thousands of passengers on a colony ship partway through a decades-long interstellar journey”. Unfortunately, he wakes up halfway through the journey, due to a system malfunction, and makes the decision to awaken another female passenger (who will be played by Lawrence) to accompany him through the remainder of the journey.

No words on when the movie will be released, but what do you think of this report? Are you excited to watch it? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Sources: slashfilm, The Hollywood Reporter

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