One of the most delightful aspects of attending an arts and music festival is getting the chance to see your favourite musical act performing onstage while having a good time with your friends. If we’re allowed to use only one word to describe Tiger Translate, it has got to be “spectacularawwrrrrr”. We know, that’s not a word, but you get the idea.

The event last Saturday (13th June) night saw a plethora of music and arts enthusiasts gathering under one roof for a wonderful time. Tiger Beer brought its renowned art and music festival to the city of Kuala Lumpur by holding the one-of-a-kind arts and music festival at Art Printing Works in Bangsar. With 5 bands, 7 visual artists, and 2 gourmet food trucks, this year’s Tiger Translate drew a record-breaking crowd in its 2nd year as one of the most celebrated festivals in Kuala Lumpur.

With a strong blend of global creativity of music and arts, Tiger Translate was definitely a not-to-be-missed event. But for those who missed it, here are the reasons why you should’ve been there to have a good time with us:


1. Basking in the glory of art explosion

Tiger Translate 2015 Art Installation
by Louisa Low

Everyone has a different idea of having fun at an arts and music festival because we are, after all, people with different distinct personalities. For arts enthusiasts like us, the best part of Tiger Translate was being surrounded by art, literally. Everywhere we looked, there was art and being in that kind of scene was nothing short of amazing.

Sure enough, just after an hour wandering around the place, our phones were already filled with drool-worthy Instagram shots. Though music is a staple of the festival, the art installations cannot be overlooked. This year, Tiger Translate assembled a team of international and local artists which includes Thai artist Rukkit Kuanhawate, Hong Kong-based artist collective Parent’s Parents, Malaysian artist Louise Low, Malaysia-based Portland artist Andrew T-Crum, and Lightforge, an artistic project by John Kuan and Ammar Khalifa.

Local artist Nicholas Choong too was commissioned by the brand to design all Tiger Translate key art featured on all posters, and merchandising. We must say, festival goers were basking in the glory of art explosion even if they didn’t know it.

2. Music knows no boundaries

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Where art and music intersect, wonder is born. Hailing all the way from UK, DJ Tim Exile sampled the sounds of Kuala Lumpur and pieced them together into a live composition for a remarkable DJ set at Tiger Translate. He turned his chill beats into an artwork with Lightforge, which created the cutting edge visuals for the backdrop of his DJ set.

Festival goers saw a phenomenal breadth and depth of the music scene in Malaysia as Tiger Translate featured astounding performances from both international and local musicians including WonfuMy Little Airport, Twilight Actiongirl, and Blood Red Shoes. Local indie rock band They Will Kill Us All were originally slated to perform that night, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they asked their buddies from Love Me Butch to replace them.

There wasn’t a single moment of the festival where the hype eventually died down as it started since 5pm. Once UK rock duo Blood Red Shoes emerged onstage as the final performer, the venue was instantly filled with both local and international fans who were saving their energy for a head-banging session.

3. A picture at Onitsuka Tiger’s photo booth and creating our own limited edition coasters

At first, we thought we’d be going home empty-handed after the arts and music festival ended. But after we wandered around the festival grounds, we discovered that Tiger Translate prepared a ridiculous amount of awesome activities for festival goers.

Onitsuka Tiger opened a booth located near the ticket redemption booth at the entrance of the festival venue. With the props provided by the brand, festival goers were invited to take free pictures at their photo booth machine or join their creative colouring contest so that they can stand a chance to win a pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes of their choice.

Tiger Translate also allowed us to make our own limited edition coasters through a stamping press that was located near the stage. There was even an arcade section that took us down the memory lane as it brought back some old gaming memories for us.

4. We chased down the food trucks!

Source: Flaming Wheels’ official Facebook page

When thinking of an arts and music festival, food instantly came to our minds. And now, we can officially calling ourselves the “food trucks chasers”. Just kidding, of course.

Unlike Urbanscapes or Good Vibes Festival, there weren’t any food villages at the Tiger Translate event. However, food trucks Babarittos Delight and Flaming Wheels parked themselves at the festival, with Pulp Cafe (one of our favourite cafes in town, by the way) located right next to them.

Some festival goers (including us), who couldn’t stand the humid weather or were getting a little stressed out by the crowd, also walked into the cafe to order a cuppa and indulged in a piece of cake while waiting for our favourite musical act to appear onstage and perform.

5. And of course, the Tiger beers


Naturally, all these wonderful activities boiled down to one thing: Tiger beers. This creative arts and music festival wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Tiger Malaysia. The brand certainly made it a point to interact with their consumers through a wide variety of programmes. By encouraging people to “uncage” their passions, it seemed like the brand has already established a trademark which may last forever.

Special thanks to our friends from Tiger Beer Malaysia for inviting us to this spectacular, awe-inspiring arts and music festival.

We will see you next year, Tiger Translate! 😉

For more information, visit Tiger Translate’s website or Facebook page.

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