Did we miss the 14th?

Yes, we missed the 14th, oh no…

Source: The Smurfs - Facebook
Source: The Smurfs – Facebook

In case you’re wondering why we’re kicking ourselves, it’s because 14th June represents the Global Smurfs Day. And Sony Pictures Animation has taken the opportunity to announce the highly anticipated voice cast for the upcoming movie “Get Smurfy”.


Yes! It’s true.

This brand new fully computer animated reboot reflects creator Peyo Culliford’s authentic style with Demi Lovato joining the cast as Smurfette and Mandy Patinkin as Papa Smurf while Rainn Wilson will play as the evil Gargamel to take over the blue world. 

Director Kelly Asbury claimed that “the continued popularity of the Smurfs is unmistakeable, and this new outing will return them to the fully-animated world that launched them”.

The latest reboot of “Get Smurfy” centres on Smurfette and her brothers tramping in the Enchanted Forest in search of a legendary Smurfs village before the evil Gargamel finds it. The journey continues and along the way, the little blue creatures will find some mysteries of their own kind including, “Do Smurfs come in different colours?”, “Are their mushroom houses organic?”, and the biggest question of all, “Why are there 99 boys and only one girl?”

Source: Comingsoon
Source: Comingsoon

Producer Jordan Kerner explained in a statement:

We felt it was important to take a very different approach with this origin story. It returns to the roots of Peyo’s creation in this CG animated adventure. I hope it will delight not only fans but audiences worldwide. We couldn’t be more excited with the talented new cast we’re starting to assemble for our Smurfy reboot.

President of Sony Pictures Animation, Kristine Belson on the other hand said:

We have gathered a group of filmmakers and artists who have grown up with these loveable characters, and “Get Smurfy’” will be imbued with the same spirit of adventure that first made all of us lifelong fans of these little blue guys…and girl.


Slated for a worldwide release on 31st March 2017, Kelly Asbury will be on board to direct the film while Jordan Kerner will serve as the producer alongside Mary Ellen Bauder to co-produce.

Meet the “Get Smurfy” cast here:

For more on “Get Smurfy”, visit the movie’s Facebook page.

Source: Variety

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