Well, if we had to choose one word to describe BTS‘s first solo concert “2015 BTS Live Trilogy In Malaysia – Episode II: The Red Bullet” in Malaysia, we would definitely go for that word. The Malay word, which translates to “good” in English, can be used to express a multitude of meanings, ranging from “AWESOME!” to “meh… Okay”, depending on the tone you use to pronounce the word. The members of BTS couldn’t stop uttering the word in high spirits, and well, neither could we, as we were constantly amazed at how enthusiastic the boys appeared to be at their concert.

Source: BTS Official Facebook
Source: BTS Official Facebook

But before we talk about their debut concert in Malaysia that was held on Saturday night, we would want to talk about the delightful time we had with the boy group during their press conference.


During the press conference, which was aptly titled “A Date with BTS” (because, yeah, the boys were so mesmerising that we might as well be on a solo date with them), BTS talked about a huge range of things, from their first visit to Malaysia, to their album production, to how they maintained their stamina. Did we expect them to be this talkative and interactive? No, but isn’t it better this way? 😉

When the emcee asked them about their first impression of Malaysia, Suga said that the first thing they noticed were the warm welcome from ARMYs (as fans of BTS are lovingly known). Then, J-Hope added that they would definitely come over to Malaysia for their holidays, as it’s beautiful here in Malaysia and the country has a “beautiful season”. In J-Hope’s words, “it’s just a beautiful country”. We can’t help but agree with him!


We’re also sure that fans were pondering the meaning of “The Red Bullet”, which was the title for their solo tour. To relieve fans of their curiosity, J-Hope said that the group came up with this name as “there’s a lot of prejudice in this world”, and they would like to appear as a red bullet that has the power to go through every obstacle and prejudice in the world. Rap Monster added that it symbolises their passion for music, and “red bullets” are like teenagers and young adults in their 20s who are filled with energy.

As for the meaning of their latest album, “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1”, the leader, who can converse in fluent English, expressed that the new album talked about both the good and bad side of youth and the songs revolved around the theme. They want to inform the public that though youth is beautiful, but it has its dark and dangerous side as well.

BTS are known for their explosive and energetic performance that requires them to sing and dance at the same time. It is not as easy as one would think, as it requires lots of concentration and stamina. Jimin did say that to maintain their stamina, they have certain special workouts and lessons, but generally, their dance practice, which could take up to hours, are more than enough to become their workout and increase their stamina. J-Hope chimed in and jokingly said, “Dancing is a type of sports too!”


When the group talked a little about the hardships when they first debuted, V said that they were awkward at first and did not know where to look while giving interviews. Sometimes, there were also so many cameras that they got confused. But after 2 years of experience, the boy became more natural and “can show more gestures on stage”. BTS is indeed filled with unpredictable members, as member J-Hope suddenly interrupted the translator and shouted “Camera!” before posing for the cameras! The unexpected but adorable action certainly elicited laughter from members of the media.


When questioned on which member improved the most since their debut, V said Jimin, J-Hope chose Jung Kook, Jin selected J-Hope, while Rap Monster picked Jimin. They all had different reasons, with V simply stating that “Jimin got a lot more awesome” and J-Hope saying that “Jung Kook has matured a lot and even start to write and compose songs”. Jin also expressed that “J-Hope became a lot more brighter” while Rap Monster explained that Jimin “has gotten a lot more cooler but still have space for improvement”.

The 2-year-old boy group also sincerely thanked their fans multiple times throughout the press conference. They stated that fans stuck with them through thick and thin, and were there for them when they had their first concert, first concert tour, and even when they won the rookie awards and the music show awards. They promised that the fans will always be a motivation for them to work harder.


Fast forward to Saturday (6th June), which was the day of the concert. The excitement of fans were apparent as they already started to flood the venue 5 hours before the concert started. Fans were shouting and chanting “BTS” as they expressed their eagerness to see their favourite group. They finally got their wishes at 6pm, as the hip-hop boy group started their show right on time.

A VCR was shown at first, portraying the boys as high school students who rebel against the systematic education that applies to all students in the world. The VCR did remind us of “No More Dream”, their debut track which talked about the unrealistic expectations that society has on the young. Kudos to the group, for being consistent with their theme and being a voice for all students around the world.


After the VCR was shown, BTS appeared on stage and began the show with a few fast paced songs. We have to say, the songs were really effective for bringing us into the mood. They performed “N.O.” and “We Are Bulletproof Pt 2” consecutively, only pausing to take a break after performing the 2nd song in which the boys finally greeted their fans amidst loud screams from the crowd. With the formality of introducing themselves out of the way, the boy group continued with their set, and sang “We On” and “Hip Hop Lover”, 2 more quick tempo songs that had us nodding our heads along with the rhythm.

Well, after dancing and singing impeccably for half an hour, we can’t really blame the boys when they had to take a break. They also took the chance to interact with fans, and J-Hope did not hesitate to tease fans when he asked for their permission to take off their jackets as “it is so hot in here”. That, of course, prompted fans to shout their approvals out loud.

It was then time for some slower tempo songs, with “Let Me Know” and “Rain” being the most suitable for the occasion. For the performances of the aforementioned songs, fancy props and stage aids were removed. The members stood and sang as they looked intently at the crowd in front of them. Fans were also moved by their singing, as the songs were stripped and were a good means to showcase their vocal talents. It was an understatement to say that their rendition was perfect.


As the show progressed, BTS performed some of their more well-known tracks, such as “Just One Day”, “No More Dream”, and “War of Hormone”. Needless to say, fans were singing along at the top of their lungs and we have to say that it was a sight (or sound) to behold. The whole stadium was reverberating with the voices of BTS and ARMYs as their voices joined as one, signifying their unbreakable bond.

The highlight of the event came when another VCR played, this time documenting the times BTS went through with their fans, from the start of the career when they had nothing, until now, when they already have several achievements under their belt. The VCR was played in conjunction with their 2nd anniversary since their debut, and we would be lying if we say we weren’t moved by the video.

Though BTS already thanked fans continuously at the press conference, they continued to convey their gratitude to ARMYs who were at the concert venue. Incessant “thank yous” were uttered by the members, as they truly believed that all of their achievements were unachievable without the aid of their fans. Rap Monster also said that this leg of the tour is very meaningful to them, as it is the first show for the second half of their “The Red Bullet” tour. The members also showed their gratitude by constantly giving fan service, as they frequently hugged each other and had a lot of “skinskip” between the members.

Concert 6

Another thing we found cute: the effort the boys put into speaking English. Their English, understandably, were heavily influenced by their mother language, but it was still comprehensible and it definitely made things easier for fans. They did not require a translator this time round and fans greatly appreciated that as the meanings and emotions could be lost if a translator were to take some time to translate what they said. BTS did their best to speak in another language other than their native language, and it paid off, as they sounded pretty fluent!

All in all, the concert not only embodied how perfect the K-pop group was, but also stands for everything that they are: energetic, talented, cute, dedicated, and well, there’s no other way to put it – awesome.

“2015 BTS Live Trilogy in Malaysia Episode II. “The Red Bullet ” Set List:

1. N.O
2. We Are Bulletproof pt 2
3. We on
4. Hiphop Lover
5. Let Me Know
6. Rain
7. Blanket Kick
8. Just one day
9. Look here
10. Propose (Jin, Jimin, V &Jungkook)
11. No More Dream
12. Tomorrow
13. Miss Right
14. I Like It
15. If I Ruled The World
16. Killer (Rap Monster, Suga & J-Hope)
17. War of Hormone
18. Danger
19. I NEED U
20. Boy in Luv

Encore Songs:

1. Road
2. Boyz With Fun
3. Attack on Bangtan

BTS definitely gave us a night we won’t forget when they came to Malaysia for their world tour. The boys not only gave us an energetic performance, but were filled with so much passion that we could feel their excitement at times, even though we were seated quite a distance away from the stage. They have indeed converted us into true blue fans, and trust us when we say that we will be waiting for them to return to Malaysia.

‘Til next time, Bangtan Boys!

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