Australian dance music duo Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, otherwise known as Knife Party, did massively well when they released their studio album, “Abandon Ship” in November last year.

But we haven’t heard much from them since then, which led us to think, “Dudes, what’s happening?!”

Knife Party New EP 2015


2 things: They’ve either been really busy touring multiple stops in Asia and Europe, hence the lack of buzz or studio time for the duo. Or, they’ve been quietly working on some music magic without us knowing. Luckily, it’s the latter.

Knife Party took to Twitter real early this morning (4th June) to announce that no, they haven’t been slacking. In fact, they’ve been busy working on a new EP!

Oh, yay! Considering the fact that their 12-track “Abandon Ship” blew our minds, we’re pretty sure that their new material won’t disappoint.

And in their words, more new EP information will be coming to us in the new couple of days so keep checking back with us for updates! For now, we’ll leave you with their epic Ultra Music Festival (UMF) Miami 2015 set.



For more information, visit Knife Party’s website or Facebook page.

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