SHINee is slowly stepping away from mainstream music as the electronic dance music style was once again incorporated into their latest single, “View”.

On 18th May, Korean entertainment powerhouse SM Entertainment released the official music video of “View”, the title track off SHINee’s latest album “Odd”.

SHINee Odd Album Teaser Image


The video featured the boys being kidnapped by a group of unknown women who hid their faces behind ski masks. However, they can be seen having fun with the women, despite being taken to an unknown location. The members were further seen having a pool party, drinking on top of a building, and dancing in a club. The video also interplayed between their choreographed dance routine and the story.

While it’s not a bass-heavy track, the song has a catchy hook and infectious repetition, making it very ear-pleasing. It is definitely a perfect chill-out track for summer.

“Odd” is SHINee’s 4th full-length Korean album and it marked their first comeback after a year hiatus from Korean promotions. A total of 30 songwriters were asked to write the lyrics of “View”, but Jonghyun’s lyrics were chosen instead.

The full track list of the album is as follows:

  1. Odd Eye
  2. Love Sick
  3. View
  4. Romance
  5. 이별의 길 Farewell My Love
  6. 너의 노래가 되어 An Ode To You
  7. Alive
  8. Woof Woof
  9. Black Hole
  10. 재연 An Encore

Check out the music video below:

For more information, visit SM Entertainment’s Facebook page or SHINee’s Facebook page.

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