“Feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ my, feelin’ myself”

Early this year Rap Queen, Nicki Minaj released “Feeling Myself”, a track featuring Queen Bey from the album “The Pinkprint”. The weird thing about the track release was that there was no video to accompany it.

Now, however, it has one. Beyoncé and Nicki premiered their “Feeling Myself” music video on Tidal, the new streaming service fronted by Jay Z and backed by pretty much, almost every artiste.


Although, the full clip is only available for Tidal subscribers, fans can still watch the teaser video below:

From the teaser, we learned what that the two divas were up to during the Coachella weekends. Dressed in their one-piece swimsuits, they are seen lounging on a gigantic float before having water gun fights and laughing over hamburgers – painting a picture of nothing but sheer fun.

As it was previously stated, the full clip is only available for Tidal users, but the ever-s0-thoughtful Nicki took it upon herself to post several photos and short clips to her Instagram as a preview her new music video.

Source: https://instagram.com/nickiminaj/
Source: https://instagram.com/nickiminaj/

They were definitely speaking for themselves as they sang “Feeling Myself”. The entire video is a perfect blend of the artistes’ established styles with Nicki’s well-executed and highly entertaining visuals featuring Beyoncé’s mix of chic diva and chill girl-next-door.

Listen to the full audio version of “Feeling Myself” here:

Stay updated with the divas via these platforms:


Nicki Minaj: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Beyoncé: Website and Facebook page.

Source: Billboard, featured image via Nicki Minaj’s Facebook  page.

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