Gibson Innovations (formerly known as WOOX Innovations), unveiled its line-up of more than 100 products across 4 major categories including soundbars, headphones, home theatres, and “surround-on-demand” products, unleashing a tsunami of sound.

GIbson Innovations is currently #1 in headphones globally, #1 in docking systems in Europe and Aisa, #1 in the soundbar category in Europe, India, China, Brazil, and Malaysia, #3 in Bluetooth speakers globally, #1 in audio systems in Europe and #3 in Asia, and #1 in portable DVD globally. The latest line-up is expected to strengthen its leadership and innovation in the sound space through its advanced technologies and sophisticated and ergonomic designs.

And it’s easy to see why!



We were at the event just a little earlier today and among the Gibson Innovations products showcased were the Philips Fidelio Surround-on-demand and soundbar series; B5, E5, HTL6145C, and HTL7140B; the Philips Zenit Cinema Speakers (Movie & Music); the Philips A5-PRO, Philips Fidelio F1, M2L, and NC1 headphones.

We won’t touch on the soundbars and speakers, let’s just leave that to the pros. We will, however, highlight the Philips headphones. Yes, you know the one – the professional DJ headphones in collaboration with Armin van Buuren.

Also known as the Philips A5-PRO 🙂


Specially designed by Armin van Buuren, the 5-time world’s best DJ winner, to meet his needs as a globetrotting DJ, the Philips A5-PRO headphoned is an essential tool for any serious music professional.

Offering unparalleled sound insulation, ideal when performing to large crowds, the replaceable bayonet mount cushions are available in 3 sizes, ensuring total comfort. Simply twist and click into place with the same secure mechanism as a camera lens, the foldable anodised aluminum form is easy to customise for optimum sound isolation.

The Philips A5-PRO also comes with 50mm high-definition neodymium drivers which offer high quality low-frequency sounds and are engineered for 3500mW high power handling. Source reproduction and sound clarity is second to none, enabling expert listeners to really listen and feel the sound.

Philips A5-PRO Armin van Buuren

In fact, it’s the very same pair of headphones that followed Armin on his global 12-month, 34-show “Armin Only: Intense” tour that covered 5 continents and broke records with 5-and-6-hour-long shows. The tour actually went on for a year and yes, he made it out well and alive, armed with his Philips A5-PRO headphones and all.

The Philips A5-PRO does make very special appearances in Armin’s “Armin Only: Intense” tour webseries titled, “Armin Only: Intense Road Movie”.

Watch it here:

Needless to say, it’s the essential tool built for music professionals.

The Philips A5-PRO is available at retailers nationwide at RM1,999. The headphones are also available via the Armada Music Shop here.

For more information, visit Gibson Innovations’ official website or Philips’ website.

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