Nope, “Tron” ain’t coming to an end anytime soon. We know this because new reports have revealed that the stars of “Tron: Legacy”, Olivia Wilde (real name Olivia Jane Cockburn) and Garrett Hedlund, are clambering back aboard their lightbikes for another Tron sequel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, both actors will star in “Tron 3”, due to begin filming later this year. The duo starred alongside Jeff Bridges in 2010’s “Tron: Legacy”, who was reprising his role as developer Kevin Flynn from 1982’s sci-fi classic “Tron”. While not a hit at the time, it later drew a big cult following and became an influence on filmmakers and pop culture.

Tron 3 Update


Garrett Hedlund played his son, Sam, sucked into cyberspace after his father. Olivia Wilde, on the other hand, was Quorra, an algorithm-made-flesh who also happened to kick some serious butt.

It’s not yet clear whether Jeff Bridges will return for the third movie, but the film’s existence was first rumored last year when his original “Tron” co-star, Bruce Boxleitner, said a second sequel was in the works. Disney has been developing a sequel to “Tron: Legacy” since the movie grossed $400 million worldwide.

Tron Legacy Sequel Olivia Garrett

While we know nothing about the “Tron 3” plot, the project is now looking to shoot this fall, likely in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We’re sure more information will be released soon so hang in there!

Sources: Hollywood Reporter, The Verge.

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