Now that the “Game of Thrones” (GoT) Season 5 premiere is fast approaching, the team is obviously doing all they can in an effort to promote HBO’s hit fantasy drama.

For starters, you’ve seen the teasers, which were released as early as December last year. You’ve probably also seen the Sesame Street GoT parody titled, “Game of Chairs“. Heck, earlier, we were even introduced to the visionary artist behind the excellent GoT storyboarding, Will Simpson.

Jon Snow Seth Meyers


And now, watch what happens when Seth Meyers invites Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) over as a dinner party guest. By that, we mean that Kit Harington attended the dinner in full costume, and in full character mode as well. Yes, miserable and constantly making references to the series of massacres and disasters in his life.

Hilarity ensues:

Seth Meyers’ New York friends look confused, don’t they? Can’t say that we blame them 😀

Game of Thrones” returns 12th April with the first episode of Season 5. The best part is that HBO Asia will air the highly anticipated TV show in Malaysia on the same day as the US. Deets here.

Source: dailydot.

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