Is it a mansion? Or “just a plane”?

In Japan, a game-changing railway company has quickly upped the ante by commissioning a new luxury train called the “Cruise Train”. If you haven’t seen pictures of it, you should. It’s gorgeous but of course, it’s probably also made for the upper-class – expensive to develop and perhaps expensive to ride in as well.

In the US, they’re kind of doing the same thing – but with a plane.

The Greenpoint Technologies 747 is based off of a Boeing 747-8, similar to this model, which is shown in test flight in an image provided by Boeing. Photo: Bob Thomas BCA Graphics, Boeing
The Greenpoint Technologies 747 is based off of a Boeing 747-8, similar to this model, which is shown in test flight in an image provided by Boeing

Kirkland’s Greenpoint Technologies recently fitted out the industry’s first VIP Boeing 747-8 for a “private, undisclosed client”. Now, in case you didn’t know, the Boeing 747-8 is the world’s second largest commercial airliner after the Airbus A380. And it’s really huge at 4,786 sq ft of cabin space in the VIP version.

This plane in particular, which includes an “Aeroloft” above the main cabin between the upper deck and tail, has another 393 sq ft. This means that it actually features more than 5,000 square feet of cabin space. Plus, from the photos, the interior really looks incredibly plush, like something that’s straight out of an “interior design for sprawling mansions” coffee table book.

Greenpoint Technologies VIP Boeing 747-8 14

Which is also our way of saying that it looks like the kind of plane most people will never step foot in, let alone fly around in. So this is really as close as we would get to it.

Rich people and governments have ordered 9 VIP 747-8s, of which Boeing has delivered 8. Boeing generally delivers them with a bare interior to a finishing company, such as Greenpoint Technologies.

Check out the gallery below:

*Pictures from Greenpoint Technologies.

What a big step up this is, from the standard private jet to a personalised Boeing 747-8.


Interestingly, the US Air Force announced that it would buy 747-8s to serve as the “Air Force One” presidential aircraft. So, the above pictures of a Greenpoint Technologies VIP Boeing 747-8 that was fitted for a “private, undisclosed client”? Hmm. Something to think about. Just saying.

Meanwhile, check out some amazing facts about the “Air Force One” here.


Sources: Seattle PI, The Verge.

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