It looks like Lee Min-ho is set to make waves in the entertainment scene again – and no, we’re not talking about more pictures of him and his newfound love, miss A‘s Suzy.

Recently, the actor received a personal call from Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi about a role in the upcoming film, “Eternal Doll” (working title). What is this “Eternal Doll” film? Apparently, it’s a mystery-thriller based a novel. And not just any novel – a Korean novel of the same name. No prizes for guessing why Lee Min-ho was shortlisted and handpicked as the choice actor to star in it then 😉

Lee Min Ho


However, according to Soompi, Lee Min-ho’s agency Starhaus Entertainment recently commented on his current interest in the film, saying:

It’s true that Lee Min Ho received a call from Zhang Ziyi. He is continuing to monitor the project with interest. As it’s based on a Korean novel, he believes that there would be some significance in participating in the film.

The script has not even been released. We need a more concrete idea of the script and schedule before he can commit to anything. Lee Min-ho is considering a variety of dramas and movies for this year.

For now, there’s no knowing if Lee Min-ho would actually take up the offer. But wouldn’t you like to see him and the beautiful, newly-engaged Zhang Ziyi (if she has a role in the film too) in it together?

For now, all we know is that “Eternal Doll” will be set in Korea, China, and Japan.

Source: Soompi.

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