K-Pop idol girl group f(x)’s Krystal is no stranger to popular photo-sharing social platform Instagram but up until 24 hours ago, she didn’t have an account.

The f(x) member previously opened and then deleted her Instagram account in 2013, because she was believed to have fallen victim to a flood of angry G-Dragon fans.

Krystal Jung Instagram


At that time, there was some speculation that the BIGBANG leader was possibly romantically involved with Krystal. The rumour stemmed from the fact that G-Dragon followed Krystal’s Instagram and was “liking all her pictures”. Odd, since G-Dragon and Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara have been rumoured to be dating for years now, way before 2013.

In any case, as an effect, Krystal was flooded by angry and inappropriate comments e.g. name calling, insults, threats – hundreds at a time.

Krystal Jung GD

It left her no other choice than to delete her account altogether to escape the haters. On top of that, it was also believed that there were many hacking attempts.

However, that’s clearly a thing of the past now as she has since started a new account!

Krystal posted up her first picture on 23rd March (Sunday) under the handle “vousmevoyez” (prounounced as “voo me voh ye”) a French term which can be loosely translated to “You see me” in English.

Krystal Jung Instagram vousmevoyez

In less than 24 hours, “vousmevoyez” has gained over 150,000 followers, a sure sign that her fans have been eagerly waiting for this day! The easiest way to verify that it is indeed Krystal behind it and not just another fan/fake account is that she’s following fellow f(x) members Amber and Luna, and of course, her older sister Jessica Jung, who are also following her back.


Her first post is simple, just a picture of a barefaced Krystal Jung sitting down in what looks like a corner with a glass of wine (we think?) perched on a railing next to her.

A photo posted by @vousmevoyez on

Fans are of course more than overjoyed to have her back, with many welcoming her return and showing their unwavering support via endearing comments.. We’re happy that she’s back too!

We see you, Krystal 😉

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