Deorro adds his touches to pop music.

As a dance music fan, you should be used to Top 40 artistes taking a perfectly good track and adding their vocals to it. This happens all the time, but this latest crossover collaboration definitely took us by surprise.


Deorro‘s “Five Hours” was one of the most critically acclaimed electronic music songs of 2014, but that sure doesn’t make it safe from a new vocal version. The PandaFunk leader who shocked the dance music scene by deciding to quit DJing, has teamed up with hip-hop superstar Chris Brown to take “Five Hours” into the pop spotlight with newly-minted Breezy verses.


Renamed “Five More Hours”, the original remains fully-intact while Brown adds his own verse-work over Deorro’s bouncy baseline. Destined for Top 40 radio play, the pair makes for an interesting duo and are bound to receive a significant amount of recognition from this collaboration but we honestly don’t quite fancy this collaboration.

Listen to the full version of “Five More Hours” below:

We’re also adding in the original here for your listening pleasure.

Let us know what you think about this collaboration by sounding off in the comments section.

via EDM Tunes

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