If you’re ever feeling cold, some good ol’ Disney will warm you right up!

For people who live in the Northeast of the United States e.g. Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, etc., every winter may seem never-ending as the Northeastern region is often in the grips of low temperatures during the season. In the past month, Walt Disney World Resort decided to share a little magic to help keep the winter a little bit warmer by sending their trusty “Disney Side” troopers over to a mall in cold Long Island, New York.

When we say trusty “Disney Side” troopers, we really mean Mickey Mouse and his pals.

Disneyside Mall Surprise
Source: YouTube

A Disney team set up opaque windows at the “Umbra Penumbra Magic Shop” at the Westfield Sunrise Centre in Massapequa. Then, some unsuspecting shoppers who walked past the windows like any other simple, everyday event found themselves being shadowed by the all-star Disney characters team aka Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and more. We weren’t there to see it for ourselves but fortunately, there were hidden cameras to capture the truly heart-warming moments.

This would thaw even the coldest of winters or hearts:

How about that? We bet you didn’t know that Mickey Mouse had such slick dance moves! Don’t pretend that it didn’t make you smile 😉

The hidden-camera stunt was set up as part of Disney’s “Disney Side” ad campaign.

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