So much yes! And 2 more reason why we should stay home and cultivate the “couch potato” culture.

Astro has added 2 new High Definition (HD) Korean channels, namely Oh!K HD (Channel 394) and Channel M HD (Channel 395) on 16th Feb 2015 (that’s today!), further strengthening Astro’s K-Entertainment offering. All Astro customers with B.yond boxes will be able to enjoy a free preview of Oh!K HD and Channel M HD until end February 2015. Subsequently, Oh!K HD and Channel M HD will be part of our new Korean Pack offering, priced at only RM10 monthly.

From Left - Vineet Puri from Channel M HD, Agnes Rozario from Astro and ...


Channel M is one of the strongest Asian youth and music oriented channels in the region and has been at the forefront of spreading K-culture throughout the world whereas Oh!K HD offers the best and latest of MBC in Korea. But that’s not the best part. Oh!K HD and Channel M HD will also broadcast shows just hours after its first broadcast in Korea ensuring that Astro remains the easiest and fastest way for customers to watch their favourite Korean shows!

Same day telecast? Yes please 😀

Oh!K HD (Channel 394):

Premium drama series and variety shows and music programming by the Korean broadcaster MBC, with drama titles such as, “Shine or Go Crazy”, broadcasted same day as Korea; “Rosy Lovers” and “Four Legendary Witches”. Popular variety and music content shown on the channel include “Infinite Challenge” and “I am a Singer” (Season 3). Since its regional debut last October, Oh!K HD has gained strong popularity, with some of the very best Korean drama and variety series airing within 24 hours of their original telecast.

Channel M HD (Channels 395):

Home to the popular MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), the all-round channel offers comprehensive content from the latest “Hallyu” trend, from K-Pop, variety, drama and lifestyle programmes. Channel M HD delivers the latest K-Pop content with the popular music chart programme, “M!COUNTDOWN” shown 24 hours after its Korean premiere. Other popular programmes include the drama “Bad Guys”; and variety programmes, “Over Flower Series”; “Get It Beauty”; “Pony’s Diary”; and “K Chef Battlefield 2”.


idol star athletics championship


Both Oh!K HD and Channel M HD will have a choice of English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Chinese subtitles, as well as audio options in original Korean language, and selected programmes dubbed in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. For your added convenience, Oh!K HD and Channel M HD are also available on Astro-on-the-Go, giving you the ability to choose the screen of your choice be it on TV, online or on mobile.

Want in? Hit up their website for more information!

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