During this Chinese New Year, all Dato’ Jackie Chan wants is for his son to be a better person. The 60-year-old Hong Kong action star was in Singapore (before making a stop in Malaysia) recently with cast members Adrien Brody, John Cusack, as well as K-Pop idol Super Junior’s Siwon Choi to promote “Dragon Blade”.

The veteran actor, whose actor-singer son Jaycee will be released from prison today, told M in an interview in Mandarin:

I feel reassured… I believe he is a brand new person now. Every young person makes mistakes, who doesn’t? I also made mistakes when I was younger. If a young person makes a mistake and is willing to change, it’s fine. If he does not want to repent, then there is no hope for him.


In case you didn’t hear, Dato’ Jackie Chan’s 32-year-old son, Jaycee Chan, was arrested and held in police custody after he was found to possess more than 110g of marijuana in his home in Beijing. He was tested positive for drug use, and found guilty of accommodating drug users at his home.

It was just last month that he was given a 6-month jail term by a Beijing court and fined 2,000 yuan (S$435).

Jaycee Chan looks at evidence during today's trial (Source: Beijing Court's Weibo)
Jaycee Chan looks at evidence during today’s trial (Source: Beijing Court’s Weibo)

Dato’ Jackie Chan is famed for his tough talk whenever his son is mentioned, and his tense relationship with Jaycee has been widely publicised in the media over the decades. But he showed a softer side and looked genuinely concerned when asked about his hopes for his only son in 2015.

Since he was working on his new album with Jaycee before the drug bust, he wants to resume work on it after Jaycee’s release. The pair recorded 7 songs in 2013, and will continue with the remaining 5 tracks.

Jaycee Jackie Chan

He mentioned that he might include the “Dragon Blade” soundtrack on it. Dato’ Jackie Chan also said, “At least give him a job first. I will let him have some time to get over this and adjust back to normal life. I believe he will grow to be more mature and be a better person.”

On another note, although “Dragon Blade” is meant to be a Chinese New Year movie release, Dato’ Jackie Chan will not be spending Chinese New Year with his family. This is because he’ll be busy promoting the movie across China.

Jackie Chan Dragon Blade PC Malaysia
Siwon Choi, Adrien Brody, Dato’ Jackie Chan, & John Cusack at the “Dragon Blade” Promo Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 11th Feb (Wednesday).

He said:


Promoting my movie is more important than my family. My family will always be there, but I have only this one chance to promote my movie. After my movie promotions, I will eventually see my wife and my son. I am in no rush to spend Chinese New Year with them.

The US$65 million (S$88 million) “Dragon Blade” tells the historical story of the war on the Silk Road during the Han Dynasty. In it, Dato’ Jackie Chan portrays Huo An, the Commander of the Silk Road Protection Squad who, along with trusty subordinate Yin Po (played by Siwon Choi), befriends Roman General Lucius (played by John Cusack). Huo and Lucius try to win a war against evil Roman General Tiberius (played by Adrien Brody), which results in epic bloodshed.

Watch the trailer here:

Let’s not forget that we were also at the “Dragon Blade” press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 11th Feb (Wednesday). Check out the pictures here.

“Dragon Blade” is set for release in IMAX 3D on 19th Feb 2015, the first day Chinese New Year holiday period.

Source: AsiaOne.

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