Can’t wait for the new season of “Game of Thrones” (GoT) to premiere on 12th April? We know, neither can we. The good news is, HBO is allowing us to catch a glimpse of GoT prior to the start of Season 5!

Titled “Game of Thrones: Day In The Life”, the special will run for 30 minutes and will cover just one day in the life of the production GoT’s S5.

Game of Thrones Season 5


It will also take a look at the TV series’ production in 3 different countries and some of the main GoT bases:

  1. Belfast in Northern Ireland
  2. Dubrovnik in Croatia
  3. Seville and Osuna in Spain

On top of that, GoT fans will get a sneak peek at the key crew members do their thing on set and at what it’s really like backstage e.g. costume, hair, makeup, etc.

So, you ready to see what it takes to put together your favourite fantasy drama TV series?

“Game of Thrones: Day In The Life” will premiere on 9th Feb via HBO Asia.

UPDATE (10am, 2nd March):

Good news! The good people from the TV series have decided to upload the “Game of Thrones: Day In The Life” special on YouTube after it aired earlier last month.

In case you missed it, watch it here and thank us later:


Let’s not forget that GoT S5 will debut 12th April (Sunday) 9pm ET/PT for the kick off of 10 brand new episodes. Here’s all that we know about GoT S5’s cast.

For more information, visit HBO Asia’s Facebook page.

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