Two weeks into the new year and we are loving the Korean music scene in 2015 already. Just few days ago, SHINee‘s Jonghyun made his solo debut with his 1st mini album, “BASE”. Needless to say, it was a successful debut as the singer has received many praises for the album that featured various other prominent singers such as Wheesung and Younha.

But we must say that CNBLUE‘s Jung Yong Hwa’s solo is another debut that we’re looking forward to seeing in 2015.

Jung Yong Hwa 1st Album


Having seen how CNBLUE heightens the crowd’s energy level through their music, we know for a fact that the anticipation for the leader’s solo debut will continue to grow until the release of the album.

It was previously reported that Yonghwa’s new album will feature 4 collaborations, one of them has been revealed to be a collaboration with South Korean Yang hip-hop artiste Yang Dong Geun/YDG. Both Yong Hwa and YDG collaborated for a pre-release track titled “Mileage” and the music video for the song was released on 8th Jan.

However, it seems like Yonghwa has developed a new singing style for the album as the melody of the song “Mileage” is rather light, which is surprisingly a perfect match to YDG’s husky voice.

Other than that, Yonghwa’s agency FNC Entertainment continues to tease the fans with various teaser images that featured the artistes he had worked with for the album. The lineup sure looks like an interesting lineup as the featured artistes have all reached international fame through their music.

Better known for his work in the underground hip hop scene, South Korean rapper/lyricist Verbal Jint is one of the artistes that were featured in Yonghwa’s album. The rapper had collaborated with various other artistes such as Epik High and SISTAR in the past and he has been regarded as one of the most influential rappers in Korea.

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa ft. Verbal Jint

Besides that, Yoon Do Hyun of Korean legendary hard rock band YB is also joining YDG and Verbal Jint in the featured artistes lineup for Yonghwa’s 1st mini album. The singer recently released his US single “Cigarette Girl” and his rock band is scheduled to perform at the upcoming SXSW 2015, which takes place in Austin, Texas in March 2015.


And the excitement doesn’t end there.


A new teaser image also confirmed that Yonghwa has collaborated with Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin for his upcoming album. Yes, that JJ Lin.

The singer, who got his own wax figure at Madame Tussauds Singapore in December last year, collaborated with Yonghwa for a track called “Checkmate” but it is unclear whether it is a Korean single or an English single.

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa ft. JJ Lin

So far, FNC Entertainment has only confirmed that Yonghwa’s new album is going to be called “One Fine Day” and it is slated for release on 20th Jan.

What do you think of Yonghwa’s solo debut? We must admit that we are a little surprised to hear that JJ Lin is going to be featured in his album too. Now we can’t wait to hear what else Yonghwa has in store for us. 😀

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