And the world just gets weirder and weirder, day by day.

According to SINA, a man was arrested at the entry point of Futian Port for attempting to enter China with 94 iPhones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models) strapped to/around his body. He is said to have been wearing a sweatshirt and black trousers while trying to get past the immigration at the Chinese border when he was stopped.

Man Smuggling iPhones Into China


According to the customs officials, the man looked unsuspicious at first because he has very simply baggage him consisting of just two plastic shopping bags. However, he seemed to have been walking weird e.g. posture, joint stiffness, muscle tensions. Then, when they let him through the metal detector gate, the alarm went off, naturally.

Upon “investigation”, they found that he has strapped rings of iPhones around his thighs, torso, salves, and crotch, using a combination of plastic bags and masking tape.

What, you don’t believe us? See the pictures for yourselves:

*Pictures from SINA.

In the past few months, Chinese authorities have seized thousands of iPhones flowing into the country – often stolen and therefore easier to resell across the border. Because of that, the customs, especially, have been trying to clamp down as much as possible on cases like these. As such, the customs staff also ran immigrations records check on the said man, which revealed that he was in Hong Kong prior to the incident and have had multiple violations of having his “belongings” seized by the customs.

Gosh, we know, right? Needless to say, the phones have since been seized and are currently being held by customs officials.

Sources: SINA, The Verge.

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