And the plot thickens.

Former SNSD Girls’ Generation’s member Jessica Jung has once again been embroiled in a dating rumour as Chinese media outlet Sina is reporting that Jessica is currently living with her rumoured boyfriend, Tyler Kwon, in Hong Kong.

Earlier in September, it was rumoured that Jessica will be getting married to her Korean-American boyfriend, Tyler Kwon. He previously dated Hong Kong singer/actress Gillian Chung but the two broke up in 2013. However, it was reported that he has since moved on from the relationship after being spotted going on a shopping trip in Korea during Christmas last year.


SNSD Jessica Jung Tyler Kwon dating

Before Jessica was kicked out of SM Entertainment, her talent agency denied the dating rumour and stated that they were just close friends. Tyler Kwon also denied the rumour and cleared up speculations about his involvement in Jessica’s fashion label, “BLANC & ECLARE”.

However, the rumour has once resurfaced on Internet as Sina cited a report from Hong Kong press about Jessica’s relationship with Tyler. The Hong Kong press is reporting that Jessica and Tyler were spotted shopping for baby clothes at a shopping complex in Hong Kong on December 11th.

Although there was no mention about her pregnancy, the photos of them shopping for baby clothes have also sparked Jessica’s pregnancy rumour.

The Hong Kong press further reported that Jessica has been going to Hong Kong since June 2014:

Following her leave from [Girls’ Generation], Jessica has started residing in Hong Kong and moved to Tyler Kwon’s apartment in Seymour Road where they have been living together.

So far, both Jessica and Tyler have not responded to the dating rumour but what do you think of the photos? Do you think they are dating?

UPDATE (Dec 22nd):


Sina has a follow-up story to the dating rumour as the Chinese news outlet is now reporting that Jessica has denied the rumour.

The former Girls’ Generation member was attending a signing event for her brand, “BLANC & ECLARE” when she denied the rumour about her living together with Tyler Kwon. She debunked the rumour by stating:

I′m currently living with my parents and younger sister in Korea. I′m not living in Hong Kong right now.

Regarding the baby clothes pictures, she answered that she was simply “buying it for her friend′s child.”

What do you think about Jessica’s statement? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

(Source: 1, 2 via Sina)

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