Rumours began circling on Tuesday that another member of EXO is planning to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment.

The member is revealed to be EXO-M’s Tao.



Following Luhan’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment, China media outlet Sina is reporting that Tao could be the next member to leave EXO as the rumours about his departure from the group were spread through Chinese social media site Weibo. However, Tao isn’t the only one who is rumoured to be leaving the group as an insider earlier hinted EXO-M’s Lay is planning to leave the group as well.

While it’s not verified, the insider revealed that former EXO member Luhan was already planning to sign with a Chinese entertainment agency with Lay. The insider further revealed that Tao will sign with the strongest Chinese entertainment agency if he terminates his contract with SM Entertainment. However, there’s no mention of forming a new group with the rest of the Chinese members.

EXO Luhan Tao Lay

According to Sina, various well-known entertainment industry critics on Weibo have “confirmed” the rumour by simply posting that Tao will be leaving EXO.

EXO Tao Departure


Huang Zitao wants to nullify his contract and return to China.

EXO Tao Rumour


Ever since Kris and Luhan terminated their contracts, the remaining Chinese members of EXO have constantly been invited to return to China and sign on with a new entertainment agency. Now, the Huang Zitao is also planning to return to China, this group is considered to be in a bottleneck period and is facing a regrouping issue. SM Entertainment is currently training a new group and won’t be putting too much effort in EXO. EXO’s peak is a past now.


SM Entertainment has yet to respond to the rumours but netizens are speculating that these rumours could be an effort to stir up commotion among EXO-L.

EXO’s Tao seems to be unfazed about the rumours and had recently shared a selfie to his fans on Instagram:

What do you think of the rumours? Since EXO is going to make a comeback soon, do you think it is just an effort to stir up a commotion?

Let us know in the comments box below!

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