Having broken up and reunited several times in the past 20 odd years, popular British male pop group Take That has since decided to just work with whatever they had – and it seems to be doing them good!

Formed in 1990, Take That originally consisted of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen, Jason Orange, and Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams was the founding member but he left the group in 1995. Jason Orange followed suit in September this year, although he said that his reason for leaving was not because of any falling outs. As such, Take That has been reduced to being just a trio, although between 1990 and now, they’ve reunited several times to work together on songs as well as for performances.

The remaining members of Take That: Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, & Mark Owen (Source: PA)
The remaining members of Take That: Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, & Mark Owen (Source: PA)

On Monday (1st Dec), Take That made their comeback with a new album, leaving behind the 90s-style boy band pop and embracing a more contemporary genre of music. Titled, “III” (no prizes for guessing why), the album marks the band’s first studio album in 4 years and at the same time, the rebirth of Take That as a trio aka Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and Howard Donald.


Upon the release of the album, it was also announced that they signed a deal to stream “III” exclusively for a month on Google Play. It’s unsurprising that the album immediately entered at the top of Britain’s singles chart the moment it was made available – a true testament to the strength of Take That as not only an artiste group but also a brand.

And that’s not all.

Take That III
Take That’s “III”

In an interview with Britain’s Sun newspaper, Howard Donald voiced hope that Robbie Williams and Jason Orange would return for a reunion tour for Take That’s 25th anniversary in 2017. He was quoted as saying, “We want to do something with the five of us. That will be great.”

Gary Barlow, too, is pretty confident that Take That as 5 will happen in the neat future. UK’s Daily Mail quoted him as saying, “It would be nice to put all the music from the Nineties and now on one compilation and do a tour that would have to be bigger. Take That is 5 people. Exactly when they come back is up to them. That will keep it interesting.”

Source: zimbio.com
Take That reunied for the 61st Italian Song Festival in 2011 (Source: zimbio.com)

For now, Take That plans to tour for the first time as a trio – Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald – at arenas in Britain and Ireland starting on 28th April 2014.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? A Take That reunion? Yes please! It needs to happen.

Sources: Telegraph UK, CNA, Bangkok Post, Daily Mail.

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