Christmas comes early for some of us as a highly-anticipated fashion brand is set to open its first pop-up store in Malaysia! We say “highly-anticipated” because it’s a brand that was founded by none other than former Girls’ Generation‘s member, Jessica Jung.

Jessica Jung BLANC & ECLARE

Titled “BLANC & ECLARE“, the fashion label is founded by Jessica Jung as her side business while working as an idol group member. However, the side business landed her into trouble as her talent agency gave her a one-sided notice, asking her to leave Girls’ Generation. As a result, she could no longer participate in the group’s promotions. But that’s fine because hat just meant that she could put all her focus into her fashion business.


Despite her departure from the group, Jessica Jung continues to dominate the fashion industry with her newly launched fashion line. Considering it as a “reborn”, the fashion line is now described as the next step in the maturation of the brand and a new phase of their brand. The name “ECLARE” derives from the Latin root, Clara, that expresses clarity and brightness.

Jessica Jung BLANC & ECLARE pop-up store information

Following the successful launch of the premier collection, the brand is now eyeing for a global expansion to reach out more to the global audience through the fresh, modern classic designs of “BLANC & ECLARE”. As such, the brand will open its first pop-up store in Malaysia this December until 4th January 2105.

The BLANC group took to Weibo & Facebook to share this piece of good news.The pop-up store will be located at the the ground floor of Lot 10 and 5 lucky customers will receive eyewear autographed by Jessica. No further information has been announced about the pop-up sore yet but we certainly hope that Jessica will make her way to Malaysia to make a special guest appearance! 😀

UPDATE (30th Dec):

Unfortunately, Jessica Jung didn’t officiate the opening of the BLANCE & ECLARE pop-up store. However, we managed to get a sneak peek of what it looks like via Lot 10’s official Facebook page. From what we gather, there are/were only 100 limited pairs of BLANC & ECLARE items up for grabs. The pop-up booth also provides a unique eyewear shopping experience with a mirror that allows for virtual fitting and has photobooth features.

See the pics here:

* Pictures from Lot 10’s Facebook page.

For more information, visit BLANC & ENCLARE’s Facebook page.

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