Even DJs/producers have bad days and DVBBS member Chris Chronicles is the best example of that. Apparently, he was arrested for marijuana possession after The Blackout Party concert (which included a bill with 2 Chainz, Eddie Gold, and more) in Atlanta last night. After finishing their set, the duo returned to their hotel room and came into contact with 3 police officers. And whaddya know, the officers immediately took note of Chris’ possession of a joint and subsequently arrested him.

But that’s not all.

Source: dancerebels.com

Fellow DVBBS member Alex Andre then made an official “announcement” of the arrest via Twitter, posting his brother’s mugshot and openly criticising the excessive force used against the producer. In pretty much a slew of tweets, might we add.


In case you missed it, here:

According to EDM.com, the show occurred in Gwinnet County and authorities arrested Chronicles in DeKalb county, right outside downtown Atlanta. According to Georgia drug law, less than an ounce of marijuana possession is considered a misdemeanour.

Like we said, even DJs/producers have bad days.

Source: EDM.com.

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